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Free Help for Writers

Looking to get started as a freelance writer...or boost your freelance writing business? Take advantage of these resources I created over my 25-year career:

  • The Reuse & Recycle Your Content workshop, which includes a recorded webinar, script, in-class challenge, fun quiz, and additional resources.

  • Infographics including "How Much Does a Content Writer Cost?" and "5 Ways Your 9-5 Job Will Help You Go Freelance."

  • Reports like "The Writer Pricing Survey" and "24 Ways to Create More (and Better) Less Than an Hour."

All these goodies are available to members of the Brainstorm Buddy App site.

Not a member? You'll be prompted to join when you click on the button. (This is also free!) Members get high-value resources like these, plus email notifications of new blog posts and more cool stuff that will help you in your freelance writing business.*

* Membership does not include access to the Brainstorm Buddy tool, which is a paid subscription. More details on the Brainstorm Buddy App here!

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