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Want to help others...and yourself?

Become an affiliate partner for the Brainstorm Buddy App! The writers and content pros you refer here will benefit from a tool that helps them generate more on-point content ideas...and you'll benefit from a little extra cash. :)


When you sign up, you'll get a special link that tracks clicks and sales made through that link. For each plan you sell through your special link, you'll earn 50% of the first annual payment (on an annual plan) or the first monthly payment (on a monthly plan). FYI, as of right now about 3/4 of Brainstorm Buddy App members have opted for the annual plan.


The cookies from each click last 30 days—meaning that even if someone, say, comes back two weeks later without your link and subscribes to Brainstorm Buddy, you'll still get credit for the sale.


Once you sign up, use the "Payments" tab to enter your PayPal address so you can receive your commissions. payouts occur monthly.

And here's the thing: If I get enough partners signed on and making sales, I can afford the nice affiliate setup where my partners actually earn on recurring payments, not just the first month/year. I'm hoping that will happen very soon!

So where can you spread the word about Brainstorm Buddy...and earn a commission? Try:


  • Your email list

  • Industry forums

  • Social media

  • Your blog/newsletter


Just be sure to clarify that you earn a small commission when someone buys through your link!

Already an affiliate, and looking for your Login and Portal? Here you go:

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