How does Brainstorm Buddy work?

This content ides analyzer uses six questions that I developed over my 25 years of pitching clients and teaching writers. It looks simple, but on the back-end there is some smart logic that weighs your answers against one another.


Answer the six questions as truthfully as you can; this may require doing a bit of quick research if you don't know the answer, but the tool will help you along. At the end, you'll receive a score ranging from 0 to 100. A score of 70+ means you have a solid idea that's ready to go. A score of 90+ means your idea is sparkling with greatness.

You'll also get tips on how to improve your score, customized to your answers. Even a score of 70-90 can be made better, so you'll get tips to improve ideas in this range as well.

Please be sure to hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of your results page. This will reset the tool to try again.

If your idea needs improvement—don't just throw it away! Fine-tune your idea based on the tips you receive and try again. Ideas rarely spring out of a creator's head fully formed and ready to go.

Does Brainstorm Buddy account for ideas like evergreen topics and product blogs?

Yes! The tool can identify combinations of answers that indicate you likely have an evergreen idea or are working on a topic for a product blog. So don't worry about getting the "right" answers...I know these types of ideas are important even if they don't seem to hit all the right notes, so I built them into the logic.

If you have a good evergreen idea, Brainstorm Buddy will offer advice on how to make sure your idea beats out the similar ones your competitors have already published.

What is an evergreen idea, anyway?

Evergreen topics are those that people are always interested in, so they tend to run frequently in magazines, on websites, and on blogs. Examples are "How to Avoid No-Shows" (for the blog of a company that sells dental office software)..."Walk Off the Weight" (for a women's or health magazine)...and "Throw a Stunning Wedding—Without Breaking the Bank" (for a bridal brand's website).

The details of the evergreen article vary to keep it fresh; one time it might be "The 5 Best Wallet-Friendly Bridesmaid Gifts," and the next time it might be "Wedding Desserts That Cost Less Than Cake—And Taste Better, Too." For the dental office blog, their spins on "How to Avoid No-Shows" might be "How Text Reminders Decrease No-Shows" and "When It's Time to Dump a Serial No-Show Patient."

Can I have sneak peek at Brainstorm Buddy?


Sure! Here you go:


How can I be sure my score is accurate?

Here's an article with tips on how to get the most accurate scores.

Who is Brainstorm Buddy best for?

Brainstorm Buddy is perfect for:

  • Content managers, directors, and strategists who are developing content calendars

  • Freelance writers pitching magazines and websites

  • Staff writers

  • Freelance content writers pitching ideas for brand content

  • Content teams at larger brands

  • Bloggers, podcasters, and other creative professionals looking to boost audience numbers and engagement

  • PR professionals pitching stories about their clients to the media

If your job or business relies on a constant flow of great content ideas, Brainstorm Buddy is for you.

How do I know if my ideas are improving by using Brainstorm Buddy?

By getting them out there and tracking the results. Since using Brainstorm Buddy, are your blog posts, guides, and articles getting more clicks, likes, and shares? Are more of your audience members taking the actions you want? Are your PR pitches getting a better media placement rate? Are your magazine pitches resulting in more assignments? Are you getting more content writing jobs?

Be sure to give it enough time; we all know that editors and content prospects can take weeks to respond to a pitch, media outlets take their time with media releases, etc.

Are my ideas and responses secure?

Brainstorm Buddy was created on Jotform. All their forms are served across a protected 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection that uses a SHA256 Certificate—the industry standard protection. Jotform is also compliant with GDPR and CCPA. On our end, we never share ideas and responses with anyone, though we may aggregate information for research and educational purposes.

If you raise the price after I subscribe, will my price go up?

I do plan to raise the price over time as I add new features or as the subscriber base grows (since I pay for the platform based on how many people are using it). Whatever price point you subscribe at, that's where you'll stay—even when your subscription rolls over into a new month/year. However, if you cancel your subscription and come back later to resubscribe, you'll be subject to whatever the price is at the time of re-subscription. Moral of the story: Get in early. Don't leave. :)

Who created Brainstorm Buddy?

Brainstorm Buddy was created by Linda Formichelli (that's me!). For over two decades, I made my living by selling ideas to top magazines, household brands, and startups like Family Circle, Health, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, Inc. magazine, Pizzeria Uno, Quala, Nationwide Children's Hospital, and Crisp.

Do you offer idea coaching/will you help me brainstorm?

I spent years coaching and teaching writers, and training content teams—so this would be a natural offering for me. But I'm technically retired, so no. :) However, if there is enough demand for an idea coaching or brainstorming service, I may start to offer it in the future. Please email me at lindaformichelli@gmail.com and let me know if this is a service you'd be interested in.

How does the subscription plan work?

With the Annual Plan, your credit card will be charged in advance for the following 12 months. Your subscription will be automatically renewed and billed to your credit card on the yearly anniversary of your subscription date until you cancel. With the Monthly Plan, your credit card will be charged monthly, in advance, until you cancel. You may cancel at any time, and you will have access to the tool until the end of the paid period.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Bad decision. :) Seriously, you can cancel at any time, though I do not offer pro-rated refunds. Log in to Brainstorm Buddy here, then click on your icon in the upper right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select My Subscriptions. Then use the dropdown menu next to your plan to cancel.