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Free Content Repurposing Workshop

Smart freelance writers and other content pros don't just develop ideas—they reuse them. In the spirit of Brainstorm Buddy, I'm offering my Reuse & Recycle Your Content workshop, gratis. I used to charge over $2,000 to present workshops just like this to on-staff content teams...and yes, this workshop is repurposed from a paid client workshop!

This free content workshop is available to members of the Brainstorm Buddy site. Not a member? You'll be prompted to join when you click on the button. (This is also free!) Members get high-value goodies like this workshop, email notifications of new blog posts...and more cool stuff that will help you in your business or career.*

In the Reuse & Recycle Your Content workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Turn one piece of content into many more

  • Pull apart long-form content into smaller pieces

  • Transform smaller content assets into big ones

  • Reuse social media posts

  • Swap copy for audio/video (and vice versa)

  • Reoptimize old content

  • Revive content that never fulfilled its purpose


You'll receive:


  • A recorded webinar

  • The slideshow for the workshop

  • A script of the workshop

  • An in-class challenge

  • A fun automated quiz to test your knowledge

  • An infographic on how to turn one content idea into 25+

  • A list of free and cheap tools to repackage your content ideas

I hope you get a ton out of this free training for writers and content professionals!

* Note that membership does not include access to the Brainstorm Buddy tool, which is a paid subscription. More details on Brainstorm Buddy here!

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