Better ideas = happier audience, more engagement, more sales

Successful content starts with a great idea—but for many content pros, freelance writers, and other creatives, generating ideas is one of the hardest parts of the job. What will resonate with your audience? Will this topic be a hit...or a flop? <Cue major stress.>

Brainstorm Buddy can help. This tool is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to know if your content ideas are solid...before you sink a lot of time and money into developing (or pitching) them.

Just answer 6 quick questions about your idea to find out whether it's ready for primetime or needs some tweaking.

(And it's not a simple, predictable quiz...Brainstorm Buddy is a robust and granular tool that uses a logic formulation on the back-end that was developed over 25 years.)


At the end, you'll receive a score for your idea. If the idea could use some improvement, you'll also get customized tips on how to fine-tune your topic so you can try again.

Brainstorm Buddy is perfect for:

  • Content managers, directors, and strategists who are developing content calendars

  • Freelance writers pitching magazines and websites

  • Staff writers

  • Freelance content writers pitching ideas for brand content

  • Bloggers, podcasters, and other creative professionals looking to boost audience numbers and engagement

  • PR professionals pitching stories about their clients to the media

The world needs better ideas. Ready to get started creating them? Check out our pricing plans!