Just one good content idea can net you thousands! Here's a way to make the process easier.

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You're afraid to send out that magazine pitch. What if it's awful and the editor not only rejects the idea—but bans you from the publication?

  • You wish you could be sure your content idea is good before suggesting it to your client. They're depending on you to guide them!

  • You're developing a content calendar for a client, and get the sinking feeling your ideas...well, that they stink.

  • You're wondering if that idea you just had is worth developing for your blog. What if you put all that effort into it and it's a big flop?

Now, there's a tool that can help erase the uncertainty. Brainstorm Buddy validates your ideas so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Just answer 6 quick questions about your idea to find out whether it's ready for primetime or needs some tweaking. And if your idea is not quite solid, the tool offers customized tips on how to fine-tune your topic so you can try again.

Brainstorm Buddy weighs your answers not only against the six criteria, but also against one another, using a logic formulation on the back-end that was developed by a successful freelance writer over 25 years.

Is Brainstorm Buddy right for you? It is if you are:

  • A freelance writer pitching magazines and blogs

  • A freelance content producer pitching ideas for brand content

  • A freelance content strategist who develops content calendars for your clients

  • A blogger or entrepreneur who develops your own content

  • Anyone whose business or career depends on them generating tons of great content ideas

Brainstorm Buddy is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to know if your content ideas are good...before you sink a lot of time into pitching or developing them. This indispensable tool will give you the confidence you need to pitch prospects, impress clients—and boost your business success.

Ready to start generating great ideas? Check out our pricing plans!