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Get More Specific Advice...and Earn Through an Affiliate Plan

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Very exciting news about the Brainstorm Buddy App, the first tool that tells you how likely your content ideas are to get results—before you spend time and money developing (or pitching) them!

The Brainstorm Buddy App Scoring Logic Is Now Even More Precise

Once you use the tool, you're taken to a results page with a score and advice to help you improve your content idea. However, I realized that the number of tips I offered on each results page could be a little...overwhelming.

So I chunked it way down, which has the extra benefit of making the Brainstorm Buddy App an even more precise tool. I more than doubled the number of results pages, which my poor husband had to code in. Let's just say there is a lot of math, organization, and conditional formatting that goes into the Brainstorm Buddy App...and he's great at all that. ("So if someone has an A here and a B here, they get this score which leads to this page...") Thank you, Eric!

Now, you'll get even more precise details on exactly where your content idea needs improvement, and tips to improve only those aspects of your idea.

Bonus: I also developed more tips and examples to cut down on repeats. I spread out the examples to hit on different types of content on each results page: journalism pitches, brand content like blogs and white papers, magazine articles, podcasts, videos, etc.

That way, no matter what kind of content you create, you'll find tips relevant to that. (And of course, you can extrapolate any of the advice to fit your own situation.)

You Can Now Earn by Selling the Brainstorm Buddy App to People Who Need It!

Want to earn by providing a super-helpful tool to writers and other content professionals? The Brainstorm Buddy App now has an affiliate program.


When you sign up, you'll get a special link that tracks clicks and sales made through that link. For each plan you sell through your special link, you'll earn 50% of the first annual payment (on an annual plan) or the first monthly payment (on a monthly plan). FYI, as of right now about 3/4 of Brainstorm Buddy App members have opted for the annual plan.

The cookies from each click last 30 days—meaning that even if someone, say, comes back two weeks later without your link and subscribes to the Brainstorm Buddy App, you'll still get credit for the sale.


Once you sign up, use the "Payments" tab to enter your PayPal address (Use the "change" link under "PayPal") so you can receive your commissions. Payouts occur monthly.

And here's the thing: If I get enough partners signed on and making sales, I can afford the upgraded affiliate setup where my partners actually earn on recurring payments, not just the first month/year. I'm hoping that will happen very soon!

So where can you spread the word about the Brainstorm Buddy App...and earn a commission? Try:

  • Your email list

  • Industry forums

  • Social media

  • Your blog/newsletter

Just be sure to clarify that you earn a small commission when someone buys through your link!

Thanks for reading...for using The Brainstorm Buddy App...and for being the wonderful content pro you are. This has been such an exciting journey, and I hope the Brainstorm Buddy App gives you the gift of better content ideas.

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